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Procedure in making recycled parol out of magazine pages

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Parol is the Filipino term for christmas lantern. In the Philippines, when you say parol, it doesn't imply that it generally has light that flickers, it can also come as plain star outline. 

Amid December, it is normal for schools to give parol projects for students. Usually, students will be asked to make a classic parol actually utilizing reused materials. 
<img src="recycled parol.gif" alt="recycled star parol made of magazine pages " />

Presently, I want to impart this recycled parol procedure so that you'll have a thought regarding parol making utilizing reused materials like old magazine pages. The DIY procedure on the best way to make parol or Christmas lantern utilizing reused materials is extremely energizing and an eco-friendly project which is perfect for environmental support projects. This was my niece's project, i bailed her out to complete this so she can get sensible evaluations. 

Here's  the procedure :
<img src="parol2.gif" alt="Procedure in making recycled parol out of magazine pages " />
1. Cut the magazine page into a long rectangle, about 2 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches long. Fold it lengthwise three times and roll it like this. The ideal    thickness is 3/4 inch.

<img src="parol 3.gif" alt="procedure in making parol out of magazine pages " />
2. Structure 5 triangles by uniting collapsed pieces using your glue.please allude to the picture. 

diy parol out of magazine
    3.  This is how our magazine parol will look like after attaching the ends. 
<img src="parol 4.gif" alt="procedure in making parol out of magazine pages " />

   4. Make paper beads. Embed a wire into paper globules and make a round shape like this and interface the ends. 

diy recycling parol out of magazine
   5. Make more beads to beautify the tail of your lantern like this.

Your project is now ready to submit and expect an A for creativity. Do this style in different designs.

This procedure is simply abasic methodology. You can just do your own style. Use your creative ability to make an alternate outline like you can do a robust star without an opening and make a raised pyramid style amidst your star. For the tails you can utilize a colorful magazine raffles just  like what aclassic lantern has.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Different Halloween costume designs for kids

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I have numerous querries about different costume ideas for children, I officially posted one at Different Costumes for Different School Events. I posted there ensemble plans for Linggo ng Wika, Nutrition Month and Halloween Party. Since its an all-in-one post, I just transferred some constrained photographs here.

Presently I chose to compose a different blog post for Halloween Costume Ideas for children. These photographs are my own photographs taken during my girl's school Halloween party in 2012.
<img src="brides.gif" alt=" scary brides halloween costume dsigns for children "/>
Scary Little brides

These adorable young ladies effectively frightened the little crowd by wearing wedding outfits and putting terrifying make-ups. One incredible thought to startle your companions on your Halloween party.

<img src="costume.gif" alt=" dracula halloween costume designs for boys"/>
Draculas, cowboys and mummy costummes
For the young men, it is basic to startle individuals by wearing dracula costumes. A few folks genuine pushed an exertion to make their children to look terrifying successfully. The one at the middle is wearing a mummy costume, while the first in the line is wearing a classic cowboy out fit.

<img src="bloody.gif" alt=" bloody white lady halloween outfit dsigns for children "/>
Like any other Costume Parties, they additionally picked main 3 best unnerving make-up and terrifying Halloween costumes. This young lady got the third place. Each time I see this photograph I generally needed to breath profoundly and whisper "its simply an outfit"! Actually, this truly frightened my 3 year old girl along these lines I needed to let her know that its simply an outfit and that the most terrifying contestant will win a prize.

<img src="tiyanak.gif" alt=" tiyanak halloween outfit dsigns for children "/>
This young man scarcely wears a diaper and put a dark paints on his body. He is depicting a tiyanak and he truly revels in his look. Easy however he got the second place. Yet I need to remind you not to compel your children something they would prefer not to wear. Verify he or she will appreciate the occasion and they would participate for the sake of entertainment.

<img src="dracula.gif" alt=" little lady dracula halloween costume design for children "/>
The grisly minimal white woman got the primary spot. She looks so charming here, immaculate hair outline, negligible make-up and straightforward bloody white dress.

<img src="witch.gif" alt=" little witch halloween costume designs for children "/>

Also because she requested it, I am including my 5-year old daughter photograph here with cutie patootie side kick. She loves her looks here. This is her witch outfit which I made utilizing my old skirt. I purchased her hat at the school supplies store. This is my girl's chosen design of outfit which see saw on the internet.

It's truly essential that your children love what they're doing and wearing. Give them a chance to appreciate each school occasion at their own inclination.

Friday, September 12, 2014

DIY: Quick repair of malfunctioning zipper

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It happens sometimes, when you're on a trip and the zipper of your back pack has suddenly malfunction or you have most loved coat, shorts or jeans which has zipper glitch. On the off chance that you experience such circumstances, don't instantly cast your things into scrap, reuse them .

There are two sorts of damaged zipper: repairable and non-repairable.

Non repairable zipper damage has no other solution than bringing them to a sewer to supplant with another zipper. The zipper is non-repairable in the event that it has missing teeth. The other sort of zipper deformity is the particular case that is repairable. At the point when all the  teeth are still in place, the zipper could be repaired effortlessly and rapidly.

The regular reason of a zipper glitch is a direct result of a detached slider. A zipper slider is the zipper head with two sides, sliding to close a zipper. In the event that it gets excessively lose, it won't have the capacity to zip a Zipper. It's extremely easy to repair a loose slider. You simply require a pincers or a pliers to tighten the sides of the slider.

Quick Zipper repair procedure:

  • Get a pliers 
  • Tighten the sides of the slider 
  • Then zip and you're done! 
There's an alternate diy procedure of repairing a malfunctioning zipper. It obliges a touch of sewing yet you can do it by emulating the procedure, please allude to the pictures.

  • First find a used zipper from your old pants, shorts or jacket. 
  • Cut both sides of used zipper 
  • Pull the slider and disjoint from the zipper 
  • Untie the top stitch of the Zipper you wanted to repair( see the images)
  • Insert both sides of zipper to slider as a replacement 
  • Slide down the zipper 
  • At that point restore the untied join of the jeans. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SOS tip: Making emergency lamp out of salt and used cooking oil

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Yolandaph created an extreme damage in Meralco wirings in our region. We had no power for almost 3 weeks. All our devices, flash lights and rechargeable lights were severely emptied and, so we had to find ways to at least have some lights during the evening.

It's fortunate that in any case, I recollect my grade school  science experiment, making emergency lamp utilizing salt and oil. Figuring out how to do this art is vital, particularly amid disasters creating unforeseen long brownouts. This is the motivation behind why I need to impart here the method to make a reused emergency lamp to give a little SOS tip. We can make this recycled emergency lamp utilizing materials we regularly have inside our home.
<img src="lamp.gif" alt=" procedure in making emergency lamp out of salt and oil" />

The DIY method of recycled lamp is truly simple to do, its additionally fun doing it with your children so you'll have an alternate motivation to  bond. My six year old girl appreciates doing this art, however I make a point to keep an eye on her particularly when lighting the lamp, simply dependably keep an eye to your children when making this DIY project. Doing this craft, you need to set up the accompanying materials:

  • 1 pc. tin can (wide and short preferably)
  • a piece of cotton
  • a match stick or if you don't have one, you can use a toothpick or any other wood stick.(should be an inch taller than the can
  • used cooking oil
  • rock salt or fine salt
  • a lighter to light the lamp


  • Clean the can and dry it with fabric 
  • Put the salt inside the can around 3/4 full. 
  • Include used cooking oil somewhat higher than the salt. 
  • Wrap the whole stick with cotton. The tip ought to look like the tip of a cotton bud. 
  • Plunge the whole stick in used cooking oil and after that, dunk it in the center until you achieve the bottom of the can. 
  • Use a lighter to light up your emergency lamp

You can now use your recycled emergency lamp made of reused tin can and used cooking oil. This light could be utilized overnight. On the off chance that the light failed to create light, its simply a sign that the oil is now emptied  so you need to refill it with an alternate used cooking oil and you can use it once more.

You likewise need to supplant the wrapped stick on the off chance that you think you required to. I simply need to remind you to dependably keep this lighted lamp out of scope of kids and from easy to ignite materials, for example, papers, plastic, fabric and so forth. I trust this article will help you in your waste materials and I would appreciate in the event that you leave a few remarks, tips and recommendations beneath.

Much thanks to you guys for going to and perusing my blog post about DIY recycling tin can and utilized cooking oil to emergency lamp.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Enter to Win: Be a Segurista Mom and win 50,000 pesos

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Like any other moms, I want to secure my kids health by giving them a balanced meal, complete with vitamins and minerals which are essential factors to help them grow healthy. My kids are certified picky eaters but their health has never been at risk. This is because I make sure that they won't skip their glass of milk in the morning and before bed time.

I'm so glad that Pediasure is here to help me maintain my kids' health. It has a balanced amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and complete with 28 vitamins and minerals. A full glass of pediasure is equivalent to a full healthy meal. Regular drinking of Pediasure is clinically proven to build stronger immunity, improve energy and promote catch-up growth.

<img src="pediasure.gif" alt="Join "be a segurista mom" contest and win 50,000 pesos " />
Segurista Mom
Pediasure launched the "Be a Segurista mom" contest months ago. Because I love this brand so much, I don't want to let it pass without submitting my own entry :)

<img src="mechanics.gif" alt="Pediasure be a segurista mom contest mechanics " />

"Be a Segurista Mom" mechanics

Step 1. Go to  www.seguristamom.comWatch a video provided by Pediasure.
Step 2. Share the video
Step 3. Provide a photo of you and your child, write a description and upload it
Step 4. Check email for the trial coupon and wait for your entry to be approved
Step 5. Click the link provided to view your entry
Step 6. Share your entry to your social friends and invite them to like your photo.
The more likes, the higher chances of winning.

Prices at Stake:
1st prize:  50,000 (1 winner)
2nd prize: 25,000 (1 winner)
3rd prize: 10,000 (1 winner)
4th prize: 8 winners of 5000 worth of Gift Certificates

Announcement of winners will be on December 5, 2014 so you still have enough time to promote your entries.

Amazing craft: Different Bag Designs Made of Drinking Straws

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I adore hand-made bags! In my art blog, I generally compose articles about diverse sorts of hand-made bags. This time, I need to impart these exceptionally adorable totes made of drinking straws. 

These excellent crafts are my companion's manifestations. I inquired as to whether I can compose a post about her specialty and she said "yes"! She additionally welcomed me to go to her place so she could show me the entire technique in making bags out of drinking straw. 
<img src="straw 3bag.gif" alt="different designs of bags made of straw " />
Straw Hand-Bag

<img src="straw bag.gif" alt="different designs of bags made of straw " />
Straw Bags
I truly needed to take in the system but I never had enough time to visit her, perhaps in due time. My companion made her own particular exceptional plans of bags. She has hand bags for mothers like me,  gather packs for children and a staple crate all made of drinking straws. 
<img src="straw 2 bag.gif" alt="different designs of bags made of straw " />
straw bags

This specialty is an alternate decent business thought for homemakers, its likewise one great purpose behind us mothers to bond with our children. The technique as per my companion is not difficult to learn, truth be told, she made these straw bags with the assistance of her children. 

I truly wish I could visit my companion so I could take in the methodology and I will clearly transfer the complete steps on my specialty blog at

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Beading; Another good Business Idea for stay at home Moms

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Hi Mommies! Today I'm gonna share an alternative way to earn money while staying at home and I'm certain that all my mother readers would adore. This is my companion Grace's business. She and her spouse together with their children do the beading while off at work and school. Making beaded items turned into their standard bonding time. My friend says its simple and I attempted it myself. The essential procedure is basic, you simply need to  insert the thin chord inside the beads. There is a certain count depending on the size of your product or how fine your prefer it to be.

Materials in making bead products like: beads, handle, fabrics, zipper and chord can be bought from Divisoria mall.
<img src="beads.gif" alt="different designs of bags made of beads " />
Beaded hand Bags
These lovely bags looks so classy. The crystal beads makes the bags so stunning. It is important to choose the ideal shade to give the best impact. She likewise makes customized designs so clients can ask for a point by point outlines. I truly love the white one, its ideal for my Sunday church, however in a few occasions like meetings, I would love to use the dark one.

<img src="pouches.gif" alt="different designs of pouches made of beads " />
Bead kitty Pouches
You'll definitely want to have these cute little kitty pouches for your little princesses and I'm certain your children would truly love to have one. These adorable little pockets have zipper to keep your child's things safe. It is exceptionally convenient and handy so they can simply keep it in their pocket. It can likewise be stayed around their neck or on their shoulders. 

<img src="beads 2.gif" alt="different designs of coin purse made of beads " />
Beaded Pouches for Moms
Among the beaded items they make, these are my top picks. I can't carry on a day without a pouch. These little pouches are ideal for my common place like bringing my children to school or setting off to the supermarket or simply purchasing some stuff in a variety store closed to my place. These pockets have linings and zipper so things inside are kept protected and secured. 

<img src="beads4.gif" alt="kitty key chains made of beads " />
Beaded Key Chains
These are beaded key chains, so charming right? My little girl owned one and she truly cherishes it. My friend truly has the ability to make these wonderful creations. As what she said to me, she's acquiring a decent wage from it. Making beaded items is another decent business thought for stay at home moms. You sould simply have to be artistic and inventive. 

<img src="beads5.gif" alt="different designs of pen holders made of beads " />
Beaded Pen Holders
And last but not the least, the beaded pen holders. These charming pen holders are ideal for a working or a study table. I likewise believe that these beaded pen holders are best to give as token or recognition to individuals we love. I truly wish to take in more about making wonderful beaded specialty like these, I simply trust I could discover enough time to do so:(

For orders contact: 09129166322 and look for Grace :)