Thursday, March 6, 2014

9 different ways to recycle news paper and magazine

"Be kind to environment, save trees!" Do you have any idea of how a piece of paper is being processed? Well, an estimated 24 trees are being cut to produce a ton of paper. According to a pulp and paper technology professional, Mr. Tom Solder, a single tree is being saved for every 16.67 reams of copy paper saved. It may sounds like exaggerated but very true! If we forsake the forest and its resources, we'll reap the bitter taste of its revenge.
If you have an embankment of old newspapers, magazines, yellow pages and even those paper shopping bag, you should not cast them away. There are scrap buyers who buy those stuff to sell to recyclers. Aside from selling paper scrap, there is another way to recycle them and it is by making recycled craft out of paper.
I have compiled all my articles about making recycled craft out of paper. Beside of being a healthy hobby, it can also be a good business to start. Below are the list of DIY recycled paper craft ideas:
9 ways to recycle magazine and newspaper

1) Recycled Parol- this paper craft idea is made of  old magazines. My niece made this for her school project entitled " recycled Christmas lantern. Read full tutorial at

2) Paper Bead Accessories- I really love this recycled craft idea. These paper beads are so fun to make. In fact, I made this recycle necklace and bracelet with the help of my ,6 year old daughter. See the complete tutorial at

3)Recycled Wedding Souvenir- isn't it good to have a wedding theme "recycled". We'll for me, it's a good way to show your love of the environment. Believe me, if would be given a chance to have a second wedding with my husband on our 25th years, I would gladly do it. This little basket is made of newspaper, twisted and glued. See complete tutorial at

4) Paper Swan- its a great recycled paper craft idea, although it will take too long to finish, you patience worth it. Full procedure at
5) Paper Vase- nice and easy recycled craft idea. Complete procedure at

6) Newspaper hand bag-this cute hand bag is made of recycled news paper. Complete procedure at

7). Newspaper tissue holder-  I really find it very creative and useful. I designed it my self, the procedure is my original idea so this recycled craft is something that I should be proud of. See complete procedure at

8)Photo frame- this recycled photo frame is made of folded magazine pages. See complete procedure at

9) magazine  bag-made of folded magazine. This procedure is somehow similar to making bag out of candy wrappers. Full procedure here

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