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How to Make Parol (lantern) using Old magazine

diy parol out of old magazines
In the Philippines, we call it "parol" a Tagalog term for Christmas lantern. At the start of "Ber" months,  Filipino parol makers particularly in the province of Pampanga, started to produce Christmas lanterns to sell from October to the day before Christmas Day. Parol price ranges from 200 upto 5000 pesos or more depending on the designs and materials. Filipinos are known in their artistic designs of craft like this. This is why Pampanga is being visited by tourists just to buy creative lanterns. Those are just some facts about lantern making in the Philippines. The procedure which I'm gonna teach is something different.  It's about DIY parol from recycled materials.

This is the season of parol making as a school project. It is the time to be creative because most schools require a hand made lantern from recycled materials. I would like to share this project so that you'll have an idea about parol making using old magazine pages. The DIY craft procedure on how to make parol or Christmas lantern using recycled materials is very exciting and an eco-friendly job or hobby.

Here's  the procedure :

diy magazine parol
1. Cut the magazine page into a long rectangle, fold it lengthwise three times and roll it like this. The ideal    thickness is 3/4 inch.

folding and forming magazine
    2.  Form 5 triangles using your glue.Please refer to the picture.

diy parol out of magazine
    3.  This is how our magazine parol will look like after attaching the ends. 
diy recycling magazine to parol

    4. Make paper beads. (refer to How to Make Paper Bead Accesories for step by step in doing a paper bead. Insert a wire into paper beads and make a round shape like this and connect the ends.

diy recycling parol out of magazine
   5. Make more beads to decorate the tail of your lantern like this.

Your project is now ready to submit and expect an A for creativity. Do this style in different designs.
This tutorial is just a basic procedure. You can always do your own style. Use your imagination to create a different design like you can do a solid star without a hole and make an elevated pyramid style in the middle of your star. For the tails you can use a colorful raffles like what a classic lantern has. 

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