Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gowns and Costumes

There are occasions we have to dress up according to the theme of the gathering destination. Since the costume party on birthdays and anniversary is trending, Gowns and Costumes are necessary to make us fit to gathering we are attending to. In some school activities, kids are  usually required to wear gowns or characters clothes. For example in nutrition month, kids must wear children's clothing with the appearance of vegetables, fruit, fish and other nutritious foods. Likewise with  Linggo ng Wika, kids should dress like Maria Clara, wear Baro't Saya and oldies attire. During Halloween party,  kids should wear scary costumes like vampire,dracula witch,ghost and etc...  So it would be a big help if you have sources of makers of these type of clothing. You  just have to be ahead of time because if you make the reservation the same day that you need them, you might find left-overs. You should know how to put allowance for preparations.

Costume ideas for Halloween:

halloween costume

This witch costume is made from recycled clothes. The body is made of long recycled skirt and the sleeves are made of its lining. The hat is made of black cartolina.
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Linggo ng Wika Costumes:
chinese costume designs
Chinese Costumes 

filipiniana costume designs
Filipiniana or Baro't Saya

boys chinese costume designs
 Chinese Costume for boys
php 1000

Hawaiian costume designs
Hawaiian Costumes for kids
korean costume design
 Korean Outfit for kids
php 1000

chinese costume
Chinese costume for girls
chinese costumes designs
Chinese costumes for boys and girls 
php 1000
arabian costume designs

Arabian costumes designs

Arabian costume for girls
php 1000
muslim costume designs

Muslim costumes for boys and girls
php 1000

School Activity costume for Nutrition Month

flower costume designs
 Flower Costume for girls
php 1000

animal costume designs
 frog costume
php 1000

nutrition month costyme designs
 papaya costume
php 1000

animal costume designs
php 1000
fish and papaya costume

egg and ampalaya costume
egg and vegetable costumes

Costume for costume parties
animal costume designs
Turtle Costume

animal costume designs
Birds and Eagle Costume
thinker belle costume designs
Thinker Bell Costume
fairy costume designs
Fairy Costumes

genie costume designs
Ginnie Costume
mermaid costume designs
Mermaid/Jessebel Costume
snow white dress designs
Snow White Costume
Princess Costume
Princess Costume

flower costume

Gowns and Cocktails

Note: We supply all kinds of fabric. Our price ranges from php30-250/yard depending on the class
For inquiries please email me at:
or contact me at: 09159825059
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