Saturday, July 14, 2012

DIY recycled hand Puppet out of socks

Recycling and doing simple craft out of waste always fulfills my advocacy which is to make our environment less waste by recycling used materials. I always have guilt feeling every time I had to throw a thing in the garbage. I really believe that a certain thing always has it's value no matter how old, used or new a thing is. It's just a matter of creativity and love for our mother earth.
After cleaning my kid's sock closet days ago, I already have have finished a a project which is recycling used socks to a hair pony tail. Now, with this article, I’m going to show you how an old sock will transform into a creative DIY craft or handicraft: a sock puppet. My kids really love puppets that's why I have different hand puppets at home. I used to talk to them with my hand puppet. It always eases their tantrums and sometimes, hand puppet talk is a way for my kids to say "sorry" whenever they committed mistakes. During our bonding time, we used to play with hand puppets and we always enjoy talking and playing with our hands impersonating cartoon characters. Now, I'm gonna share a simple way to recycle your old socks by making a cute hand puppet.

diy hand puppet out of used socks
 I chose to design a puppet dog from a bulk of old socks I sorted days ago. Since the common colors of my kid’s socks are a combination of gray and white, I came up with the idea of making a cute gray dog puppet. This combination is also good for cows, cat and other puppet animals. Doing a puppet from recycled materials is fun and easy. You can make this project together with your kids during your bonding moment.

In doing this project, you have to prepare the following materials:

  • 3 pcs. of used old socks with the same colors
  • scissor
  • needle and thread
  • marker

The procedure in making a sock puppet is very easy, even kids will enjoy doing it with their parents. Parents should guide their kids with the procedure especially when they’re handling a scissor and a needle.

Procedure in making a puppet from recycled socks:

  •      Get 2 pcs. Of used old socks. Choose color that coordinates with each other to make a dog like image.
  •     Cut the socks; make one bigger than the other one. The upper part of the mouth is bigger than the lower part.
  •       Connect the two sides of each sock to form the mouth of the puppet. This will serve as the mouth of our puppet
  •      Get another sock to make the body of our puppet, cut the toe nail part.
  •      Attach the body to the mouth of our dog puppet.
  •       Make a triangle shape pair of ears and attach them to both sides of the head.
  •      Mark the eyes and nose using your marker. If you want, you can use buttons to make eyes.
  •      And there you have it! A dog puppet handicraft from used old socks.
Now, don't think of throwing your used old socks in the garbage. Remember there's a lot of productive ways to make these wastes still useful. Always remember: segregate wastes, re-use and recycle. Minimize wastes by making useful products out of it.
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